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We offer a complete design experience from pre planning brainstorming sessions to the finite detail that ultimately defines the quality of a finished SWA product. Projects are typically broken down into a number of stages from design inception and schematic design through planning procedures, interior coordination, detailed design and engineering, to the construction drawings and specifications required for a full set of construction documents. At every step of the process we keep our clients educated about the information that is being produced and appraised of information needed from them for us to be able to complete the subsequent stages of work.

We are proud of our formal British training and Chartered status with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) which for our clients means that they are assured of a professional approach to the design process and management of their dreams and goals. Undertaking a project of any size can be a daunting task. It is our aim, through a professional and experienced approach, to make the process as worry free and enjoyable as possible. To deliver quality designs that meet the planning and building code requirements while at the same time exceeding client expectations.

Our combined years of Caribbean experience have contributed to our understanding of local climate, heritage, materials, flora and fauna. Each are carefully considered when planning any development so our clients may profit from the opportunities offered by, whilst minimising their impact on, this unique environment. Study of the use of materials in the local vernacular architecture influences our own architectural design, be it traditional or contemporary, which aims ultimately to contribute significantly to the local cultural identity. We enjoy challenging preconceptions of what constitutes a locally appropriate contemporary architecture; our success in this regard is founded in our sensitivity towards the traditions of the past where a simpler life always ensured a built fabric appropriate to its local environment.

At design inception we gather graphic information requested from, and through discussions with our clients, before formulating a concise document detailing all functional, spatial, aesthetic and environmental requirements for the land and development thereof. Time spent at this stage allows us to build a more thorough understanding of our clients' needs whilst also challenging them to question their own preferences ultimately helping to promote design discussions in a continual learning process for both parties.

This early understanding and attention to our clients needs is the seed from which all successful design is grown. At SWA we believe that good design comes in many different packages and whilst we as individuals have our favourite architectural styles our overriding belief is in the quality of design no matter style, content or cost. Attention to detail begins with the first meeting and is applied to all stages of the design process so we can be sure that this is ultimately reflected in the end product.
Our collective European training and experience in urban design has encouraged a number of clients to appoint us as master planning consultants for larger tracts of land. Through this process a broad overview has been realised before focusing in on the architecture of a particular building thus enabling the designs of future buildings to be directed within a definitive framework and vocabulary. SWA master plans presently in various stage of development include

Ports of Call
An $18m project which includes the Ports of Call Shopping Village and Comfort Suites Hotel. Phase 1 and 2 of 4 phases complete.

Water Cay
A high end "community" resort development of an uninhabited Island.

Cherokee Road Village
10 acre master plan for a new commercial/residential district (mixed use). Scotia Bank being the first building.

Greenwich Creek Resort and Country Club
A 400 acre golf resort and waterfront community subdivision, North Caicos. Includes a full par 72 championship course, central village, spa resort, condominium sites, golf villas and beachfront villa sites. Concept design stage.

75 acre master plan for a new town in central Providenciales. Commercial, leisure and residential (mixed use), Providenciales.

Grace Bay Village
80 acre masterplan for a new town in the Grace Bay area of Providenciales.

5 acre sub-master plan for the Eastern entrance to Grace Bay Village. KPMG's new office now forms the cornerstone to this future commercial corner of Grace Bay.

Provo Golf and Country Club
An 18 hole par 72 Championship course is at the heart of this 180 acre development. SWA were commissioned to develop a residential master plan in 1998 to help firm up an identity for the established country club.

Salt Cay Resort
1000+ acre master plan for a high end golf / spa /marina community resort on Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Regent Village Master Plan
13 acre commercial development in the heart of Grace Bay.
A master plan comprising three large condominium resorts complimented with 60,000 sq ft of commercial space. The first four phases have been designed by SWA and completed and comprise Villa Renaissance, The Regent Grand and Regent Village East and West.
We hire both local and overseas sub consultants in order to offer clients a complete pre contract design package. In house coordination of the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Structural and Civil design packages ensures a smooth transition to site and through the building process. We and our sub consultants provide the client with advice on client employed specialist engineering requirements including but not limited to data system design, lighting system design and security design which allows the client to be on the cutting edge of new technology in the marketplace
As building designers we enjoy the design of interior and exterior architecture and consider it a mistake to draw a hard line between one and the other, a mistake that is commonly made. In our minds a building is largely designed from the inside out (form follows function) and that means a thorough understanding on our part as to how the interior spaces, forms and finishes transition to the external envelope. Tiling layouts, wall and ceiling finish design, cabinetry, hardware, built in furniture, trims, fenestration design, furniture layouts, even fittings and fixture selection can all be included as all an inclusive part of our architectural design package.

If the project requires we are well positioned to help the client in the selection of an independent interior designer and working with that designer in the selection of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, including, on occasion, everything down to a complete house wares package.
Size, shape, position and colour are just some of the considerations when planting out a project, how a tree throws it's shadow in the evening light, provides shelter from the cool winter trades, shade from the hot summer days or simply colours and dapples the light as it moves in the breeze are equally relevant. Our belief is that it is impossible to design the interior spaces without first having a feel for the way those spaces interact with the external environment both landscaped and natural.

We provide complete hard landscaping design as a part of every project and with this we provide our ideas on plant layouts and types for a landscaping firm to work from. Our involvement throughout the contract enables us to ensure that the soft landscaping follows our design concept for the overall development which often requires us being on site during planting to help the exact positioning or orientation of a bush or a tree.

Our completed projects include an array of custom designed pools that often form the focus of hardscaped and planted areas. Shade structures such as pergolas, tiki huts and sails are also widely evident throughout our work as are water features including a variety of pools, fountains, footbaths and external showers. Interlinked with decks, patios, planters and paths and intertwined with the multiple native and imported species we like to design the immediate external spaces around our architecture to ensure that the entire development purveys a sense of belonging to the local environment.
Architectural design cannot exist in a vacuum. The sensitive natural environment of the TCI and wider region demands a comprehensive approach to development including consideration of the natural world and its assets. SWA differentiates itself from its competitors by providing a complete range of environmental services including environmental impact assessment and baseline evaluation, habitat mapping, mitigation, management and monitoring, development of public policy and the development of environmental education and public awareness programs.

Selected Projects:

Grand Bahama Port Authority Habitat mapping, baseline environmental analysis and development of management plans for over 20,000 acres of wetland and terrestrial ecosystems on Grand Bahama Island in association with Blue Dolphin Research.

Review and Reassessment of TCI Protected Areas System - In association with Nautilus Consulting, SWA developed a quantitative assessment methodology for rating ecological values to facilitate management and developmental decisions in Turks and Caicos' Protected Areas.

Amanyara Resort - Baseline analysis and environmental impact assessment of terrestrial and wetland communities in association with ATM. SWA prepared a comprehensive analysis of existing terrestrial ecosystems and was instrumental in developing environmental recommendations for this low-impact development.

National Environmental Standards - TCI - Preparation of draft environmental standards for land, water, coastal and air resources. SWA worked in association with DECR, the Department of Planning and global experts.

Ambergris Cay - Baseline environmental analysis, preparation of master native plant landscaping species list, development of environmental management plans for endangered plant species and preparation of a field guide to flora and fauna.

Salt Cay Development Company - Habitat mapping, environmental baseline analysis of terrestrial and wetland habitats, management recommendations and preparation of master landscaping species list.

A complete list of SWA's environmental services projects is available upon request.
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